Supply of adhesives into the Insulation and Roofing industries provides its own specific challenges. Our close working relationship with leading adhesive manufacturers and our customers within this market has seen AFT develop not only highly efficacious aerosol adhesive products, but also products that meet the stringent regulations and requirements of this marketplace.

Thermal insulation tasks require bonds between substrates as broad as polyurethane & fibrous insulation, to foils, foam and cork. Furthermore, in the removal of asbestos, the user requires the fixing of polythene sheeting often against wood, metals or concrete.

Due to the nature of these tasks, users are often working in confined spaces. As a result, this requires adhesives to be Halogen-Free, Non-carcinogenic, and to not contain any substance known to potentially harm the environment or ozone such as CFCs, Methylene Chloride (Dichloromethane), Trichloroethylene or Trichloroethane.