SafeClean by AFT

SAFECLEAN has been specially formulated to kill/inhibit both bacteria and viruses (including enveloped viruses such as coronavirus) on a variety of surfaces such as handles, handrails, doors, tables and desks, and other areas of frequent contact, with a single coating.

It is ideal for offices, conference centres, sports clubs, educational and care facilities and motor vehicles, as well as entertainment and hospitality venues, including restaurants and pubs. It is safe to use on the skin and alcohol-free, meaning that there is no drying or irritation to the skin.

Active biocides present in the formulation provide a longer lasting protection than alcohol based preparations. It does not stain, is non-corrosive and will give a streak and smear free finish to most polished surfaces including glass and stainless steel. We recommend you try the product on all surfaces before proceeding with mass sanitisation.

SAFECLEAN is supplied in both a 500ml aerosol appropriate for small areas such as offices, and a disposable canister designed for larger areas, such as workshops. Canisters are connected by 3.5 metre hose to a spray gun, and therefore this provides an easy to use, self-contained, time saving spraying system, with minimal set up.

Canister Application

Clean and wipe

Connect the spray gun to the hose ensuring that the locking nut on the gun is closed, then connect the other end of the hose to the canister, ensuring all the connections are tight

Open the valve on the canister; this allows the product into the hose and gun, then open the locking nut on the gun to commence spraying

Spray from a distance of approximately 20 – 40cm from the surface to be treated


Avoid spillage; keep away from heat, sparks and open flames and to use in well ventilated areas. For best results the product should be used at temperatures between 15ºC – 25ºC.

SAFECLEAN needs to be stored in temperatures between 10ºC – 20ºC, in dry, well ventilated areas, and must not be exposed to direct sunlight or temperatures above 50ºC.