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Revolutionary aerosol adhesives by AFT Aerosols

Introducing Spyder by AFT Aerosols

Superior strength for a better bond


Spyder is the revolutionary adhesive system by AFT Aerosols.

Tight deadlines and a growing workload often leave contractors and end users in a sticky situation. End users need quality adhesives that are easy to apply, with minimal drying time and a lasting effect.

We’ve combined over 25 years of experience and 10 years of product development to create exceptional-performance aerosol adhesives for flooring applications and more.

Our range of Spyder Performance Adhesives has been rigorously tested to industry standards. The advanced formulation delivers superior bonding and outstanding coverage for long-lasting results.

We’ve got legs

8 of them to be exact

  • Advanced formulation
  • Superior quality
  • Exceptional coverage
  • High-bond strength
  • Fast installation
  • Minimal drying time
  • Long-lasting bond
  • Kinder to the environment

Who we are

We stick to our word


AFT Aerosols is a leading manufacturer of aerosol adhesives based in the UK, with a truly global presence. We provide an extensive range of high-quality aerosol products, carefully developed to support complex client needs and applications.


With over 25 years of global market experience, we understand our clients expect the highest quality solutions, and we know how to deliver them.

That’s why we trust the trade to stick with Spyder – the industry’s most advanced aerosol adhesives.

Discover Spyder Performance Flooring Adhesives

Adhesives worth sticking with


Explore our emergent range of Spyder performance adhesives, formulated for a best-in-class finish and easy application of flooring and more.

Spyder products are free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and use recyclable materials, for safer results that are kinder to the environment.

Spyder Stick


Spyder Stick is a superior-strength spray adhesive. Perfect for carpets, underlay, carpet tiles, foam and fabrics.

  • Ideal for bonding felt and foam-backed carpets
  • Superior coverage – up to 35% more coverage per can
  • Superior adhesive = better bond

Spyder Stick


Spyder Stick Non Chlorinated reduces exposure to harmful materials and solvents, with all the benefits of the original Spyder Stick.

  • Ideal for bonding felt and foam-backed carpets
  • Dichloromethane-free and non-chlorinated formulation
  • Superior coverage and strength for a better bond

Spyder Vinyl


Spyder Vinyl Non Chlorinated is a premium, dichloromethane-free vinyl adhesive ideal for bonding vinyl or PVC floor coverings.

  • Ideal for use with sheet vinyl applications, vinyl tiles and LVTs
  • Plasticiser migration resistant
  • Superior coverage and strength for a better bond

Spyder Grab Contact Adhesive


Spyder Grab is a premium high-temperature contact adhesive, designed for bonding a wide range of materials and surfaces.

  • Suitable for bonding most materials and surfaces
  • High-temperature contact adhesive up to 110°C
  • Superior coverage and strength for a better bond

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