Metre Dosed Air Fresheners

Metre Dosed Air Fresheners

AFT Aerosols offer a large selection of commercial fragranced air fresheners for locations that require a fragranced atmosphere at all times, such as hotel rooms, offices, restrooms, restaurants, and receptions areas.

Our metered dose air fresheners are combined with an automated dispenser that releases a specified dose at timed intervals to both freshen and sanitise the air.

Our Premiaire branded range is well regarded within this market place, offering a core range of key fragrances across both fruity and floral notes, as well as homely scents such as Clean Linen and Baby Powder.

We also partner with the UK’s leading fragrance house to develop bespoke fragrances or to match our perfumes to existing fragrances, ultimately providing an unlimited range of fragrances. When combined with an own branded aerosol can this provides our clients with a truly personalised product suited to their brand.

Our metered dose aerosols are available in the industry standard 270ml and 100ml can size