Our offering of lubricants falls into two distinct product sets, with specific advantages depending on the settings in which the lubricant is to be used;

  • Silicone Based lubricants offer a clear, non-staining lubricant solution used widely across the furniture and bed making industries, for the treatment of machinery and moving parts against the build-up of a broad range of contaminants. The film is impervious to water and can provide shower proofing on a broad range of fabrics such as tents, golf bags, and umbrellas. Furthermore the product is ideal for treating seized mechanisms and squeaking hinges, as well as lubricating tools such as saw blades and cutting edges
  • Non-Silicone lubricant is a vegetable oil based alternative, formulated as a mould release, tactile machine spray, or general purpose lubricant for areas where silicone cannot be tolerated. This formulation contains no additives, therefore it is ideal for applications which require further processing such as painting, printing, dyeing, lacquering, or galvanising