White Label Service

AFT Aerosols provides a white label service for businesses that prefer to promote and build their own brand, instead of choosing a generic product. Branded goods become a visual reminder of your business, and set you apart from competitors by portraying your image to the highest standard.

Our white label service also benefits distributors and smaller companies looking to become established without committing to large stocks. The company identity is placed on a designated area on the rear of the can.

In-house design & printing

Leverage the skills and experience of our in-house design team, who will add your company logo, graphics, and messaging to any of our aerosol products. Your customised design can be transferred on to our cans using one of two printing techniques:

  • Litho printing, where the design is directly printed onto templates prior to can production.
  • Silkscreen printing, a popular method for smaller quantities.

Litho design and printing

For existing clients

Products are delivered within 3 weeks of order placement for existing clients. As soon as a client’s order is placed with us, we submit a request for the aerosol cans required for filling. Upon receipt of these cans, we aim to turn around and ship out the finished products on the same day.

For new clients

New clients will first go through our in-house design process to establish their bespoke design. At this stage, the artwork is agreed upon with the client before it is sent to our tin plate supplier, where the artwork is kept in flat sheets and called off throughout the year in the client’s specified run sizes.

For example, a client can opt for a 60,000 tin plate agreement for the year and receive the products in monthly instalments of 5,000 cans. There is a minimum order of 20,000 cans; however, this can be negotiated depending on concurrent orders in the pipeline.

Delivery can be achieved within 6 weeks if the client is prompt with the design and printing agreement. After the first print run, the lead time is reduced to 3 weeks.

Silkscreen design and printing

For existing clients

Clients will receive their products within 2 weeks from order placement. The turnaround time is shorter than for litho printing, as we have generic cans in stock for silkscreen printing.

For new clients

New clients that choose silkscreen printing will go through the same artwork process as our litho print customers. Once the artwork has been approved, the screen can be ready within 3 days for printing.

This process carries the same lead time of 3 weeks, as long as the client can agree on the artwork within the same day.