Production Process

Our fully-automated plant can fill approx 2 cans per second

Why clients choose AFT Aerosols

We work with more than 1,000 active clients from a diverse range of sectors, many of whom have been with us for over 15 years. Below are some of the reasons they choose to stay with us:

Our dedication to innovation

  • Modern production processes
  • Production flexibility
  • Spare production capacity
  • Easily expandable product range
  • Major export opportunities

Our commitment to clients

  • Long-term relationships with clients
  • Experienced in delivering for a wide range of sectors
  • Ability to deliver clients’ own brands

Our strong track record

  • Well-respected and well-established business
  • Excellent growth and performance record

Quality is Paramount (TNT)

Since the company was established, AFT Aerosols have been dedicated to delivering the highest quality to clients, be it through our extensive product range, technical capabilities, or customer service.

Our in-house Quality Improvement Programme TNT (Today not Tomorrow) has enabled us, through continuous monitoring and new initiatives, to achieve real JIT (Just in Time) delivery.  As a result, we are the most efficient and productive contract aerosol filler in the UK, capable of meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

AFT Aerosols work with market leading suppliers who are well-respected within the aerosols industry for both wet and dry goods, which ensures superior quality, consistency and after-sales support.

Two-touch production

We adopt a two-touch approach to production, whereby all cans that go through our filling line are manually handled only twice throughout the process ­­– once at the start when the cans are loaded onto the belt, and at the end during packing.

Stringent quality checks are automatically performed on every can throughout production, including pressure testing, leak detection, and check weighing. All our quality checking systems can generate reports on any batch, highlighting run details and inferior cans.

For example, our gas detection process samples air particles surrounding the cans to identify any possible micro leakage. These processes are regularly supervised and inspected by our quality control team to ensure full compliance.

  1. Loading of cans onto belt
  2. Filling and crimping
  3. Crimp integrity check
  4. Gassing
  5. Application of batch code (reports available)
  6. Check weighing, whereby rejects are automatically removed
  7. Gas leak detection
  8. Placement of buttons on can
  9. Placement of caps on can
  10. Shrink wrapping
  11. Packing on pallet
  12. Shipping of goods